Welcome to Team-Metal

The company was founded in 1988 with a shared vision of providing high precision mechanical products and services to OEM and ODM companies. Our dedication to our customers have won their recognition and thus, forming solid business partnerships that exist till today.

The corporate core values have been deeply rooted into all levels of the business processes to drive the company into one of the leading precision machining solution provider, on a high mix low volume business model with integrated facilities & capabilities in different strategic locations.

Corporate Milestones

2019 Upgrade TM(Indonesia) facility 2016 ISO 13485 Certification for TM(Suzhou) 2015 Upgrade TM(Suzhou) facility 2014 ISO 13485 Certification for TM(Indonesia) 2009 ISO 14001 Certification for TM(Indonesia) 2008 Implementation of ERP system 2005 ISO 9001 Certification for TM(Suzhou) 2004 Incorporation of TM(Suzhou) 2000 ISO 9001 Certification TM(Indonesia) 1997 Incorporation of TM(Indonesia) 1988 Incorporation of TM(Singapore)

Corporate Core Values

T – Train our people

E – Empower them

A – Accomplish corporate objectives

M – Meeting customers’ goals